SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis

The easy-to-use SafetyTek COVID-19 Workforce Health Analysis solution allows Safety, HR, and other Managers to:

  • Define specific questions you need to ask your employees.
  • Have employees complete the COVID-19 Self Assessment form from any device.
  • See who has completed the self assessment and receive immediate notification when symptoms are reported.
  • View a detailed analytics dashboard.

Enable your Employees to easily self-report their good health standing!

SafetyTek has enabled our EHS inspectors and field staff to be much more efficient - especially for COVID-19 check-ins and required public health department inspections.

The free SafetyTek app has been a godsend for us, making it fast and simple to report on our health checks.


How do you keep your workplace safe?




Yes. By unlocking the Form Builder in the Premium version of the SafetyTek Platform you will be able to edit the existing form and even create your own form according to your requirements and regulations. 

Yes, our Divisions module allows your organization's structure to be created. Each division is capable of having its own forms, groups, users and managers. The COVID-19 data can then be viewed at a division level.

In the event that an employee does contract COVID-19 immediate action needs to take place. Our solution allows you to select an employee and display the other employees that person has been in contact with within 14 days based on the GPS location of where their forms are submitted.

Yes, the SafetyTek Reminders System can be set for daily, weekly or monthly. If a form has not been submitted within your setting a reminder will be sent.

Yes. This however involves a discussion with our IT teams to understand what you are using and how best we can integrate. Please contact us if this is something you are looking to do.

As documentation, procedures and policies change by the minute relating to COVID-19, our system provides a content delivery system to ensure this information is reaching your employees and keeping them informed, up to the minute. We track when they have received, engaged with and the time spent on the document. You can send PDF, docs or videos.

Employees who use their mobile phones to fill out the COVID-19 Self-Assessment form instantly get a green light to show they can come to work or a red light indicating that they need to wait for directions from their supervisor if they have answered yes to any of the questions. 

Managers and supervisors automatically receive an alert email or text for any worker with a red light warning. They can then contact the employee to determine whether it is safe to come to work or take another course of action.

Yes, our system will track risk based on previous submitted COVID-19 forms, and show which users have an increased risk.

Yes, you can email employees directly from the program. You can email employees that have answered yes to a COVID-19 question, an employee that have increased risk  based on their previous submissions or if they have been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19.

Yes, our premium on-boarding service is available where a member of the SafetyTek team will assist you with your set up.