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C The no-cost “paperless” subscription from SafetyTek’s widely adopted, cloud-based EHS software gives businesses the automation and data they need to proactively protect employees’ health and safety

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How do you keep your workplace safe with COVID-19 on the loose?

Safetytek’s goal has always been to keep people safe. Be it on site or an office, we want our workers to go back home safe and healthy everyday. As we constantly hear breaking news about COVID-19 developing and affecting our communities, the need and responsibility is now more critical than ever to keep our workplaces […]

Actually increase safety culture, don’t just talk about it.

I hear a lot about the importance of safety culture. Its talked about often but what does it mean?

Safety Meeting Topics for Every Workplace Environment

Safety meetings, or toolbox talks, are ubiquitous on construction sites and similar workplaces. This is for very good reason—in an inherently risky industry, workplace safety should always be a top priority. And on a site with myriad (literally) moving parts, elevated work areas, heavy equipment and machinery, electrical hazards, and more, there are so many […]

Collier Project Leaders choose SafetyTek Software to reach COR

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - October 25, 2019 : Collier Project Leaders choose SafetyTek Software to reach Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification goal.SafetyTek is pleased to announce that Collier Project Leaders has selected our safety management software platform to reach their COR certification goal. Achieving a Certificate of Recognition(COR) is becoming an industry standard to bid and […]