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C The no-cost “paperless” subscription from SafetyTek’s widely adopted, cloud-based EHS software gives businesses the automation and data they need to proactively protect employees’ health and safety

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West Pointe Building Services selects SafetyTek, over three others

SafetyTek is pleased to announce that West Pointe Building Services has selected SafetyTek to transition from traditional paper methods to an online safety solution. With a workforce growing from 41 workers last year to over 170 workers this year, West Pointe Building Services requires the best way to manage their safety at a corporate level. […]

Trump’s Twitter account hacked!! …Threatens North Korea with attack..

That is a headline we hope to never see but it outlines the importance of password security.  For a good many of us passwords get in the way of productivity.  To the evil doers, your password is an invisible digital fence that stands between your personal and professional fingerprint data.

Are Unions Really Making Work Safer?

One polarizing aspect about businesses and their workers for a long time has been about unions. It’s to the point today that unions can be seen as bad for business and are painted in a negative light by so many people.

Stay up to Date With Workplace Safety Training The Easy Way

The biggest asset when it comes to staying safe on worksites is not something that’s tangible—it’s the knowledge that’s tucked inside the brains of all workers. You can have all the safety gear you like, all the gadgets, hard hats galore, and even a robust safety management software, but those are all more or less […]